Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Celebrating neandertholic spam

The driver of the 405 bus heading eastwards this morning was very choppy on the brakes. Fortunately the bus was sufficiently empty that no one was standing as otherwise, most certainly, they would have fallen.

I had a meeting with NDUL this morning at 6h00 that lasted until about 7h20. This window of time is exactly the time that I awake, shower, shave, get dressed, awake the kids, eat breakfast, awake the kids again, make their breakfasts, awake them a last time, make their lunches, and then get their winter gear on and then we head out, usually leaving the house by 6h55 or so. I made the mistake of only telling my wife that I couldn't do these things this morning at 5h55 today, rather than yesterday evening. She went to bed really early last night, however (at 21h20) and so she should have had enough sleep to be able to awake and get these things done.

I guess I need to do a better job in communicating.

We've been with the same financial planner for about nine years now, maybe ten. We've met twice now with a new one that it looks like we may be moving over to. How do we tell the first one that we're leaving him?

I have an extremely low emotional quotient. I'd be okay just saying 'We've found a financial advisor who is closer to us in age and appears to be more aligned with where we want to go. Given this we will be severing our ties with your firm effective immediately.'

He (our existing advisor) will not be pleased and will likely try to convince us to stay with him. I hope he is more mature about it. Probably the best thing would be for me to let my wife break the news. She'll be more diplomatic.

We (my family and I) are all going to our semi-annual dental cleaning/dentist visit this evening. My teeth are mostly good, it is my gums that have trouble unless I floss regularly. I do not floss regularly enough. I managed to floss four times in the last three weeks, however, so I may be better this time than previous times.

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Debstar said...

Yes, a girl needs more than 5 minutes to prepare for the morning rush. I'm impressed that you still live.