Wednesday, February 04, 2015

origami underwear

The restore of the database of the customer on my testing site is showing 100% complete, but the progress indicator (a spinning circle) is still spinning. While I wait for it to complete, I can post this post.

It would be great if it would actually complete, as it would allow me to investigate an error that the customer is getting when they try to access a report.

This is a small example of what my job is - get the database from the customer, recreate their environment on a test system I have here, attempt to reproduce the problem they reported and do the investigation required to get them running again.

The progress indicator is still spinning, and the status still shows as 100%.

I was really upset about the very last play of the Superbowl this past weekend. If you saw it, you know what I am talking about.

Today is the warmest day of the week with the high having reached -6C. It is snowing now; we're expecting 10cm's of snow today lasting into the evening.

My company installed a pull-up bar into the ceiling of our lounge. With a small foot stool I can reach it and today I did ten pull-chin-ups. The first five had my left hand prone with my right hand supine. The second five had my left hand supine with my right hand prone. I paused briefly between the two sets of five.

The progress indicator is still spinning, and the status still shows as 100%. I hope it finishes soon.

I just composed and sent a couple of emails. I guess I'll end this post, the thing is still spinning.

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meznor said...

you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby