Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brain surgery for the neon kleptomaniac

Being rash about a rash while in a rush to see Rush reminds the Russian of Russia while rushing to fish.

Wearing a sash like a swish while eating a sandwich which has no sand and isn't a sash reminded Sasha of his sash.

Flying through the air like wind, swimming like water, breathing like lungs and smiling like teeth. That's what you get when you mix apostrophes with catastrophes. What did apo ever do to cata?

My Canadiens lost in overtime tonight, 1-0, to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If you strum a guitar but bang away at a drum kit, would you say that you can strum the drum guitar kit?

Having 27 years of experience doing more or less the same job; how does that make you feel?

Hmmm... let's see. I started my post university career in technical support in 1997 and here we are in 2015 and I'm still doing technical support. Not quite 27 years, but then, I wasn't doing technical support the whole time. Between 2006 and 2012 I was doing what is called 'Professional Services' work, rather than technical support. A coworker of mine insists that I took a step down when I moved to technical support from professional services, but I am much happier in this role.

If you get a lemon, make lemonade.

If you get an orange, make orangade?

It was gloriously 7C and partly sunny today. A harbinger of Spring.

Oh, and that comment about 27 years - the real estate agent that we worked with to buy our first home, sell our first home and buy our second and current home sends us a pop-up folding calendar every December for the subsequent year and on it is his picture, his name and a subtitle - "27 years of experience".

I am guessing that he may be retired when it comes time for us to sell and move out of the home we are in now. My youngest is presently six years old, and likely we will want to move out soon after she does. We've heard of and have directly experienced geriatrics who have grown old in their homes and become so immersed in their homes that when it comes time to have to move out it is a heart breaking effort. We figure to take this on by moving out of the home we've raised our kids in relatively soon after they've moved out thereby nullifying the effect of getting too immersed in the home.

Of course, twenty years from now we may feel differently about this.

Well, the clock is about to strike 23 so I ought to get to sleep. It is a big day tomorrow; it is the day that comes after Tuesday.

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