Thursday, March 05, 2015

Can you believe?

I've missed posting for a few days now.

Usually I take a few minutes and post while at work.

It has been very busy at work lately, however, so I haven't had time.

I like watching the show Survivor, I will admit. The only way I can watch it, however, is on the GlobalTV website where they stream the shows on demand from their site. Last year (or perhaps the year before), anyone could watch any of the past episodes. This year, the current episode is freely available for seven days after airing, and then following that, is only available for people with a membership. People who have a TV service subscription are eligible for membership. I have none. This means I have seven days to watch an episode before it is taken away.

I guess I know now what I'll be doing on Thursday nights after the kids go to bed.


Zhoen said...

Have you found any of The Soup with Joel McHale?

shenry said...

Survivor is a fun show to watch. I've missed it the last couple seasons because I traded it out for The Amazing Race... just as a change of pace. Now you have me considering switching back to Survivor.