Monday, March 30, 2015

lifting heavy feathers

So my son's robotics team did not fare well over the weekend at the tournament. There was an Israeli team and a Brazilian team to round out the international teams at this Long Island regional event. The 48 other teams were all American and mostly from New York.

The Israeli team's robot was actually one of the best ones of the whole event, but sadly it failed in the first match of a best of three event. In the second it worked much better, but it's alliance partner didn't work at optimum.

I took a couple of videos that I'll get to posting some time, hopefully soon.


Zhoen said...

Oh, we used to love watching ROBOT WARS! With Craig Charles, wow, so much fun.

Phil Plasma said...

This wasn't a robot war as much as it was a stacking challenge with an alliance of three teams competing at the same time as a separate alliance of three teams and their goal is points, not beating the other alliance.

The only time that the goal was to beat the opposing alliance was in the final where the two alliances that had the best average score through the quarter and semi finals competed against each other.

It was fun to see how the different robots managed to do what they were supposed to do.