Monday, March 02, 2015

silhoettes go bowling

March has arrived and with it, the very first month of the year that begins with the letter 'M'.

'M' is also the first letter of 'soup'. Well, erm. Perhaps it isn't, but that's no matter.

Spelling is one of those things that, when done, produces words.

Words when strung together and mixed with some small number of punctuation marks, produces sentences.

Some number of sentences when combined can often be called a paragraph, if indentations or line breaks are also used.

Pages can have some number of paragraphs.

Beyond that, I will leave it to your imagination.

Good luck!


Debstar said...

March is the month two of my girls were born in. Just thought, I'm going to have to start looking for presents.

I went and saw Billy Connelly last night. He's not looking the best, he has Parkinson's disease, he no longer moves all over the stage like someone with ADHD, now he stands in one place. He was funny but not nearly as good as he used to be. Plus the venue was so cold I got very bothered by it.

Zhoen said...

Next week, πday.

Phil Plasma said...

There isn't anyone in my family who was born in March. In April, May and June, however, there are.

I'm going to see Rush in June, right near my birthday. I paid more than I normally would to get a good seat. I'll let you know if any of the band moves less than I've known them to move in the past.

πday is falling on a Saturday this year, so I am absolved of having to bring some pie in to work.