Friday, April 10, 2015

baking a cake in a lake

The Mars One mission is doomed, I do believe.

Elon Musk is my hero, but I don't think I can be anything like him in terms of success.

The shoes I am wearing now are wearing out, I will need to replace them some time in the next seven months.

This weekend promises to have weather, events, evenings and mornings. Maybe I'll find an hour to start de-weeding one of my raised beds in the back yard in preparation for some more perennials I would buy and some annuals too.

My company entered into the 'Great Places to Work' in Canada again this past year and the results have been published today. I work for the 22nd best company in Canada for small companies. Yay me!


Pat Hatt said...

Nothing wrong with 22 all over the country

Debstar said...

At least you have a job.