Thursday, April 23, 2015

ketosis and autophagy

I've been reading a bit more about the intermittent fasting I am doing. By not eating for an extended period, both ketosis and autophagy come into play.

Ketosis is when the body stops using energy from sugar in the body as it is all used up, and instead, uses fat as an energy source.
Autophagy is where damaged cells get degraded and then recycled leaving behind only the healthy ones.

Of course, these explanations are very simple and superficial, but in essence this is what fasting is doing to me and to those of us who do this. My primary reason is the autophagy whereas for most people doing the FastDiet are doing it for the ketosis.

I've read about some who purchase ketostix which are strips that you pee on and 15 seconds later you find out if your body is in the ketosis phase or not. I don't know that I am so keen to know.


meznor said...

what is this fasting method you are following? are you able to work out or do physical activity while you're doing it? I ask because I want an effective way to maximize the exercise I do.

Debstar said...

Meznor, the Fast Diet book by M.Mosely is worth a read and will answer most questions. About half of the book is made up of recipes that come to 500 cals.
There's an Australian Facebook site (closed group) as well, though I'm sure you'd find one in Canada.
If the idea of only eating 500 calories for 2 days of the week doesn't set your heart on fire there is always 16:8 diet (It used to be known as skipping breakfast in the olden days)

This site talks about weight training and Intermittent dieting plus the photo of Hugh Jackman is quite nice.

Debstar said...

Forgot to add that you can work out while you're on a fast day. Some people find they train better, others find it hinders them. I was swimming for 1 hour a day and found I trained much better when I was fasting.

meznor said...

:D Thanks much, Debstar! (I also appreciate the photo of Hugh Jackman.)

Phil Plasma said...

Exercising on a fasting day, or, more specifically, when your body is in ketosis, is highly recommended as if your body has already switched to burning fat instead of sugar, doing the exercise will consume more of the fat.