Tuesday, May 19, 2015

communal ant farms

We did not end up going to Burlington on the way to Enosborg Falls as we delayed our departure by an hour or so to give more time for V-8 to recuperate. It turns out that Thursday night into Friday morning she vomited a number of times and that continued into Friday and the last time was in the night Friday to Saturday. V-8 during all of this time was in a pretty foul mood. While no one is especially good to be around when they aren't feeling well, six-year-olds do not make it any easier.

Overall, though, we had a great time; the weather worked out and the house was lovely. I'll post a more detailed review in the coming days.

Today it is back to the whirlwind that is my existence. If you'll recall we had water damage in our house last summer.

Piano movers came today to move the piano from one room in our house to another as the room it was in is having the floor refinished.

Insurance company workers have come today to our house to remove the contents of the room that they are paying for to refinish the floor. Late last week we emptied the contents of two other rooms whose floors will be refinished that we are paying for.

Those same insurance company workers will be emptying our basement of its contents so that a carpet company can then redo the floor there where they will lay down some plywood directly on the cement floor, and then apply carpeting to the plywood.

Finally, the insurance workers will replace everything back where it was, and the piano movers will come back to put the piano back.

During the time that the floor is getting sanded and varnished, we will not be living in our house as the dust and more specifically the toxicity of the varnish is too much at time of application for non-equipped residents to bare. During this time we (including Leo) will be living in a nearby hotel that we picked because it includes breakfast. If we're smart about it, we may be able to scheme kids lunches from the breakfast.

So while this past weekend I did get to relax, it wasn't really enough to recharge.

As we were still on our MLW vacation yesterday, I decided to change my intermittent fasting day to be today, so all I have for eating today is a tuna sandwich.


ghost said...

ive moved a piano or two in my time. I do not have any training in that arena. I did not realize it was a specialization.

Phil Plasma said...

When you spend enough money on a grand piano it no longer becomes something that you and a couple of friends would do. The piano movers have insurance.

Zhoen said...

Whole lotta work & bother.