Sunday, May 24, 2015


The flood we had in our kitchen last August is finally getting worked on in our basement. They ripped out the old and have begun to put in the new. The photos below show that they have put down black tar paper, laid down some plywood and in another section, have scraped off the floor some vinyl floor tiles that had been glued directly down onto the cement floor.

These photos were taken on May 20 and you can see that they haven't finished putting down all of the plywood yet.

This first photo is looking into the 'finished' part of the basement from the north-western corner.

This next one is the same room, looking into it from the north east corner.

From the south east.

From the south west.

This is the cedar closet whose entrance you can see in the top photo - there is no work happening in this room.

This photo below is looking southwards where you can see that the wall where a laundry tub used to be has been opened up a little.

Finally, the photo below is looking northwards where you can see the remains of the square pattern on the floor where the previous vinyl floor tiles used to be.


Zhoen said...

Whole lotta work there.

Pat Hatt said...

Damn, that is quite the amount of work, stinkin floods