Thursday, May 21, 2015

There is no getting better

C-Ling awoke this morning with a terrible cough that sounded almost bronchial. She was taken to the doctor and tested positive with the preliminary speed test for Streptococcal pharyngitis. She will begin her antibiotic medicine today to combat this infection. Of course, today also happens to be the day that she was supposed to have presented, with a partner, a project concerning medieval peasants that she has been preparing for the last month.

It does not help that she is immuno-compromized with her juvenile idiopathic oligoarticular arthritis; however, the arthritis is currently in medically induced remission with her weekly intramuscular methotrexate injections.

This is all happening to coincide with my family having to move into a hotel (closer quarters) due to our house being invaded by workers who will be revarnishing the bulk of the main floor of the house. Given V-8's propensity to 'pick up' strep throat, we may sequester C-Ling in our sleeping arrangement.


grayhairedsurfwalker said...

sending good vibes for quick healing.

Zhoen said...

Poor kid. Never rains but it pours.

Debstar said...

So we can expect a post about how sore your throat is very soon.

Debstar said...

To verify I am not a robot I had to match up bread. How I would enjoy a warm sour dough bread roll with butter right now.