Thursday, June 11, 2015


There isn't much to say about dental floss on a day that your house has burned down.

Fortunately, my house did not burn down, but still, I'm not going to talk about dental floss.

The eaves at the rear of my house on the south end of it was full of leaves and maple tree helicopter seeds causing it to be blocked and as such, water was overflowing the eaves coming crashing down right up against a back door to our house. There was enough rain that this water going against the door went through it. It only dribbled in and was easy to clean up, but I had had enough of wiping it up so yesterday evening I pulled out the ladder and went up there and cleared it all up.

There is more of such work to do in other places.

I hope you don't have any trouble doing your laundry today.


shenry said...

I'm at a loss for dental floss.

I watching those little helicopter seed pods fall to the ground. So dizzying.

My gutters were overflowing this weekend too. I climbed a ladder to the roof, in the pouring rain, and found dislodged shingles blocking my downspouts. I think my roof is coming apart.

meznor said...

I wonder if dental floss would melt rather than burn in a fire? Possibly melt, then burn, since the burning would eventually happen.

We aren't responsible for our eaves because we live in a townhouse-condo so the outside features are taken care of by a property management company. This is convenient, but I do not have the privilege of cleaning my own eaves, or changing any significant structures in my housing unit without a lot of permissions and bureaucracy.

I did laundry yesterday and can't say I had any trouble. Thank you.