Friday, June 05, 2015


Palindrome odometer reading.

The light at the top resembling a seat - the passenger side seat sensor no longer works, so whether there is a person there or not, no matter the weight of the person, the car thinks there is a person there who does not have their seat belt on, whether the person sitting there is wearing it or not.

The light at the bottom, it is the 'Check Engine' light. It has been lit for perhaps as long as a year now. The car (a Grand Caravan 2005) is running just fine, so I'm not worried about this warning light.


meznor said...

palindrome!! I had a friend whose name was a palindrome and my mom just loved it so much.

if your mechanic has checked the engine (and checks your car periodically) and the engine light is still on then I wouldn't worry about it either. one time my car's check engine light was always on because the sensor was broken so there was no way of knowing when the engine actually had a problem (and the fix to the sensor would be more expensive than replacing the entire car so it wasn't really worth the fix).

Debstar said...

You need to do some dusting! I made hubby stop and take a photo like that because the klms had reached 100,000 and I thought it was pretty awesome that he had noticed it in time.

Phil Plasma said...

Mesh; I always figure if the engine is running fine in terms of temperature, fuel consumption, sound and so on, the light is probably for some inconsequential thing so it is easily ignored.

Deb: yes, we clean the interior of our cars about once every two or three years. I guess you can tell. 100,000 is too round a number, I don't think I'd bother with that one.