Monday, July 13, 2015

Camper Bingo

Yesterday we left for camp and this preposted post will greet you on Monday evening, at about the same time that we will play Camper Bingo.

I received in advance of camp three to five facts from almost all of the adults attending camp, and so this evening, after the kids are put to bed, we'll be in the dining hall enjoying wine and cheese while playing this Camper Bingo game.

I created 28 different bingo 'cards' and printed each one twice, so odds are a person won't find someone else with the exact same bingo card very easily. There are, of course, overlapping facts, but they won't be in the same places on the cardsd. The idea of the game is to get people to get to learn new things about other people, some of whom they may already know, and others of whom they may have never met. So with the fact, you are to find the person to whom the fact corresponds, and then write their name on your own bingo card with the goal of filling the bingo card with names.

Some of the facts I received are very funny, some are very unique while others could potentially apply to a few people rather than just one. As the administrator of this game, I actually rejected a few facts because they were too generic. If someone lists their fact as 'I go to sleep at night'; this would hold true for almost everyone and so I wouldn't allow it in the game.

The weather forecast for today (as predicted when I composed this post on Friday) said today would be the rainiest day of the week. Hopefully it didn't rain too much today.

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