Monday, July 27, 2015

caricature of a tetrahedron

Subway here in Canada is having a contest; take a little tag off of a drink cup that has on it a twelve character code that, when keyed in to the contest website, can instantly win the contestant a 50$ Subway gift card, and will also get an entry in for the grand prize of 20,000$ cash. I've put in five codes already and have not won any of the gift cards.

There are about two million entries that will take place over the contest life span and there is a way to participate without a purchase. To do so I have to mail in a request for a twelve character code in a way that is not mechanically reproduced. I'll be traveling tomorrow and again on Friday and I could theoretically spend all of that travel time hand writing the requests for the codes; then, when I get back, I can buy a package of envelopes and some stamps and send them all off. One fortunate aspect of this is that I would mail the contest admin the request, but they would email back to me the code; so then I can simply copy/paste it into the contest site.

I am leaving very early tomorrow morning so if I am going to do this, I would need to decide shortly, so that I can acquire the supplies needed.

Have you ever done something like this? Would you do it?

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Debstar said...

No, I'm way too lazy. However, a few years back there was a contest at my local pharmacy where each time you bought particular items you went into the running for a dslr camera. We had a lot of toothpaste, and shampoo for awhile.