Friday, July 24, 2015

dispatches from the underground

I think that I'm too level headed to ever be a terrorist. It seems to me that people who become terrorists live an emotional roller coaster with severe lows where they are particularly vulnerable to persuasion and ridiculous highs where they are armed and would shoot anyone. Also, it takes a fairly fervent belief in a cause, and while I do take up causes, I don't think fervent is ever a word that has been used to describe my demeanor.

I will occasionally become somewhat obsessed with an idea but usually it is fairly short-lived, or, it has a fixed ending. For example, I was obsessed with getting my 41st birthday party as perfect as I could manage and spent a lot of time thinking about it, and then working on it, but then it was over. I was obsessed with playing Tetris back in my late teens, but then I got over it.

I suspect I am too well balanced to be a lone gunman. This particular group seems to be the group that is wreaking the most havoc in the United States these past few years. In particular, it helps that I do not own a gun and have never held one or fired one, so it would be difficult for me to switch right into a lone gunman role.

fervent - adjective
having or displaying a passionate intensity

demeanor - noun
outward behavior or bearing.

wreak - verb
cause (a large amount of damage or harm)

havoc - noun
widespread destruction.


Zhoen said...

I can't see you as a terrorist either.

Debstar said...

You are way too well mannered to be a terrorist.
Hubby used to own an air rifle a long time ago and that is the one and only firearm I have ever seen or touched. You need a license to own a firearm in Australia and they (licenses) are quite difficult to get.