Monday, August 31, 2015

Like a limerick dancing in the stanchion

All three of my children start school tomorrow. G-Bot starts grade eight, otherwise known as secondaire deux. C-ling starts grade five while V-8 starts grade one.

G-Bot goes to this school.
C-Ling and V-8 go to this school, though C-Ling goes to the senior building and V-8 goes to the junior one.

The morning routine now becomes this:
5h50 alarm rings, though often I awake before the alarm does
5h55 I get out of bed and head over to G-Bot's room to awaken him, I also give the first wake up call to C-Ling and V-8
5h56-6h15 shower, shave, etc
6h16 Make sure G-Bot is out of bed, give C-ling and V-8 their second wake up call
6h17 Downstairs in the kitchen, I prepare my and the kids' breakfast and lunch, though this year some lunches I will have made the night before
6h25 I pull, much against their will, C-ling and V-8 from their beds to get them up and dressed and to brush their teeth
6h35 G-Bot has left to get to school and the girls come downstairs to eat breakfast
6h50 If it is winter, the girls suit up, if not, we head out to the car
6h55 It takes about eleven minutes to drive to the Jr school where I walk V-8 to the door of the school
7h10 I then drive C-Ling to the Sr school, though some days she walks from the Jr school when I drop off V-8
7h16 I drive to the train station parking lot that is very close to where the schools are.
7h27 The train picks me up and I get to work by about 8h16.

The times above are more or less accurate; each day varies a little bit, but this is the general sense of the mornings.


Debstar said...

The girls need to brush their teeth after breakfast, not before. But you knew that, right?

I'm so glad I'm over that crazy routine, nowdays it's deciding to get out of bed before 7am or not.

shenry said...

Readjusting to the school year is a headache with one kid... I can't imagine three kids with three different destinations

Phil Plasma said...

Deb: C-ling is pretty good about brushing her teeth after supper all on her own while for V-8, it is hit and miss if I remember to tell her, and if she actually does it.

Shenry: fortunately it doesn't start from zero to three, at first it is just one kid in school, then two, then three.