Tuesday, August 25, 2015

relics of an ancient yard stick

Idaho is not a state I have ever visited or traveled through. I may have flown over it at some point, I am not sure.

This Thursday I am taking my Grand Caravan (2005) to the garage for two repairs:
1. There is an awful noise coming from the vehicle due to a gap somewhere in the exhaust system, and
2. The hydraulics that are used to assist in opening and holding the tail gate up have failed so now the very heavy door is difficult to lift and does not stay up on its own.

The doors to the garage open at 7AM but the workers only start working at 8AM and it closes at 5PM so I need to be sure I catch an early enough train that day to get there in time before they close.

I am dreaming heavily of owning a Tesla 3. This car does not exist yet apart from at the Tesla labs, but it is scheduled to be made available in 2017 or 2018. The typical daily mileage I do in a normal week is about 10kms per day. Given this I'd only need to charge the car once every two weeks, though likely more often in the winter as the heater in the car will take some of the energy.

It is scheduled to be sold for about 35,000$ which is more than we (my family) have ever spent on a car, but who knows if my salary will be different in three years.

A cucumber and cream cheese sandwich is not in my schedule of food consumption for the next eleven minutes. How about you?


Zhoen said...

Idaho is starkly beautiful, with a few very ugly towns. Lots of volcanic geology.

I've seen some of the current Teslas, and they are elegant without being flashy.

Debstar said...

I have never been in or over Idaho. On Thursday (today) I made a visit to my dentist. It was not the traumatic event I was expecting. Baby E kindly passed on her 24 hour virus and I'm feeling positively squeamish. No cucumber sandwich for me thanks very much.