Thursday, August 06, 2015

sliding sideways while simulating deodorant

On the train ride in this morning there is a spot on the train near the entry/exit doors where five seats face each other on either side of a wide aisle. When I got on the train I sat on the second seat closest to the exit door and on the opposite side, on four of the seats, could be found five teenage girls, perhaps 13 or 14 years old. They were excited about whatever their plans were for the day. One or two stops after I got on, a sixth of this group got on the train, and they squeezed even tighter to now have six girls sitting on four seats.

It's a good thing it wasn't winter where winter gear would cause them to be even more squished than they were.

I'm currently reading 'The Residence - Inside the White House...' by Kate Anderson Brower. It is a slog of a read but I'm still hoping to get through most of it before the book group meeting tomorrow night.

Do you have a favourite flavour of ice cream?


Zhoen said...

Pistachio gelato.

Debstar said...

Any ice cream will do though I do not like banana flavoured ice cream.
Hubby is still trying to get his head around the train travel. He hates it. I have suggested he buy the paper or read a book or even take my ipad and just play games on it but no, I think hating the trip is enough to keep him amused.

Today I had to click on pictures of bread to prove I'm not a robot. There was a picture of sticky date pudding. I'd really like to eat one right now.

Phil Plasma said...

I really have no trouble taking the train. The iPad is a great idea. Does he get a seat on the train?