Monday, August 10, 2015

welcoming the sunshine into your tube socks

Not ever having been a part of a barber shop quartet, I'd plead ignorance about knowing the difference between a baritone and an aglet.

Having been a teenager I can tell you with all honesty that being 13 (as a prime number age) was not as good as being 17 was.

Not ever having gone into the lower orbital space surrounding the surface of Neptune, I'd welcome a twice-a-lunar-day nap. You pick the moon (I picked Charon).

Having traveled to Kentucky I can tell you that my tendency to pick bourbon as a drink went up from zero percent to a non zero value.

So there you have it, four things you now know about me that previously you may not have.


Zhoen said...

Just don't try to put your shoelaces through a baritone, they don't like it, and tend to be large men.

Phil Plasma said...

Sound advice, thanks, Z.