Saturday, September 19, 2015

diamonds are a girl's best cringe

When someone's wallet gets stuck in the escalator causing it to stop, wrenching the knee joint of one of the escalator passengers, other people pantomime unwillingly as an artichoke grows in ideal growing conditions. I should know.

My Dodge Grand Caravan is being borrowed today by a friend. He is using it to move some furniture.

If you can believe it, for the very first time I watched the movie 'Gone with the Wind' on Thursday when I stayed home to recuperate. Quite the movie.


shenry said...

Lending vehicles is a measure of friendship. I mean, you don't just lend anybody your car... you asses your relationship and character of the friend before you finally toss them the keys.

Glad you are feeling better. Is Gone with the Wind worth the time investment? I've never seen it, but it's such a common cultural reference that maybe I should.

Phil Plasma said...

sh: If your car is new, yes, you'd be more critical. My van is 10 years old and in rough shape, I am less discerning.

As for Gone with the Wind, I really enjoyed it as the woman who played Scarlett did such a compelling job. If there is a rainy day this fall where you don't have too much planned, that would do. Also, there is a clear part 1 / part 2 division in the movie, so you can watch part 1 one night and the second part a different night.

meznor said...

I enjoy diamonds.

I have never watched Gone with the Wind. My mom loves that movie. Today is my mom's birthday. Oh I need to call her. Thank you for the reminder.