Wednesday, November 11, 2015

twice bitten, thrice baked

Side stepping a side swipe to steal a base is a basic botch of a bad job. Destruction as a pass-time is likely not a long lived hobby.

If all of the people whose first names begin with a consonant in the lower half of the alphabet were to step backwards two steps at any time during the month of December, ice cream sales would drop by an almost inconsequential amount.

My left armpit is no place for a bowling alley.

I've picked the cocktail drink that for now will be my go-to drink - I call it bourbon-sprite. It is simply that, some measure of bourbon, a few cubes of ice and the rest is Sprite. The advantage to this drink is that it is difficult to get it wrong.

Argentina is not a place I have ever visited.

Painting a lemonade stand plaid on a Tuesday mid-morning during the month of February in the Southern Hemisphere around the thirty-second latitude is not something an Inuit tree farmer would do.

Riding a bicycle perpetually uphill would appear to be a rather tiring endeavour.

A cloudy vision serves no one.

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Zhoen said...

Map your visits.

I got to 35 states and provinces.