Thursday, February 11, 2016

the left brain, the right brain and the wrong brain

Twice a year, roughly, there is a day where the number of daylight minutes is equal to the number of night time minutes. Well, this is true at my latitude, anyhow.

My current latitude is 45° 30' 2.0592" N.

This puts me almost exactly half way between the equator and the north pole.

This spring equinox here is Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 12:30 AM EDT. So it seems that at 12:30AM (EDT) on that day, the sun will cross the celestial equator. This will happen 38 days from the date of this post.

There is other news I could share, but we haven't arrived in Spring yet.


Zhoen said...

I'm very fond of my snake-brain.

Anonymous said...

And then there's stuff called brain dust that one consumes if they have the money. It doesn't contain brains of any sort. Facebook was abuzz with info on it just this week.

Your post was very technical. I'm too lazy to figure out stuff like that.

Debstar said...

That was me, Debbie. I don't know why I became anon.