Friday, February 05, 2016

when waxing doesn't wane

A deliberate swing and a miss left the broken bottle empty.

Bad Santa 2 is being filmed here in Montreal and today, likely a very small scene, is being filmed right outside our building.

The crazy thing is that they needed to bring some snow in to make it look more wintery as el nino has made it, oddly, that we haven't very much snow right now.

I didn't see the first 'Bad Santa' movie and this kind of movie is really not one I am interested in seeing, but this one being filmed now I may just see so that I can pick out the city places that I am familiar with.

I may start going to the gym again next week, we'll see if I can do it. As a traditional first trip back to the gym after a long absence, I will attempt to run 5KM. If I can do this in less than 30 minutes I will be pleased.

I never played rugby.

It has been a long time since I've climbed a tree. I may do that this weekend to trim our crab-apple tree. I prefer to do this in the winter when all of the branches are dormant.

The days here are getting noticeably longer now, the sun rose this morning at 7h10 and will set at 17h06.

The method of telling the time in 24hour format with the 'h' in the middle is a very Quebec way of telling the time. Midnight is expressed as 0h00 and noon is expressed as 12h00. I find it to be the cleanest way to indicate time.

My analog watch doesn't tell time in a 24h format.

The Paper Gods tour of Duran Duran is coming in April and I have a ticket to go. I polled a few of my closest friends and no one else was interested, but that has never (and likely won't ever) stop me from going. The band gave to all people buying tickets a copy of their latest album on CD and I have received it already and quite like it. I've got their setlist from the first leg of their tour that happened in Europe - if they play the same set when they come to North America I'll be a little disappointed that their setlist doesn't include anything from 'All You Need is Now', their second most recent album.

It would be coined a 'mocking' had the cerebrally cantankerous belched ignominiously. I should know.

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Zhoen said...

When waxing removes all the hair... nevermind.