Saturday, March 26, 2016

bending backwards to move leftways

There is turbulence in the ice cream cone being consumed by the Border Collie on the first Thursday morning in Spring.

Beware of warnings that offer you no specific information; they tend to be excessively useless. Take this one, for example.

A triceratops at the peak of her menstrual cycle clings to the idea of painting an abstract devoid of appreciated patterns. Other windows into the Cretaceous Period were left slightly open to let a cool breeze out. That's lozenges for you.


Debstar said...

Now I want an ice cream

Phil Plasma said...


meznor said...

I can't buy your premise about the triceratops because triceratopses would not have menstrual cycles.

Zhoen said...

Oviparous animals, not mammals, after all. Not even placental.

Phil Plasma said...

Mesh - it is fortunate that you can't buy my premise - it isn't for sale.

z - thanks for teaching me a new word - oviparous.