Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The previous map and this one are one continuous trip with likely a few stops to eat. I broke it up roughly in London, Ontario, as it is probably around about there that we cross into April 26th in or near that town. Team 296 chartered a bus and this time I am traveling with the team and staying at the same hotel with the team. My son, G-Bot, and I are sharing a room in the hotel. The hotel is 30 miles outside of St. Louis, so each morning the charter bus will take us into the Convention Center and each evening it will bring us back out again.

This severely limits any flexibility I have in terms of going off to do things on my own, but it is likely the least expensive way for me to have gone on this trip.

The team's robot will compete in the Championship tournament taking place from April 27-30, so tomorrow it begins.


Debstar said...

Hope you have a fun time. Good Luck to G-Bot.

Debstar said...

After you posted about the last tournament G-Bot went to I noticed it was reported on in our news.

Zhoen said...

Did you take the Blue Water bridge?

Phil Plasma said...

On the way there on Monday-Tuesday we took the tunnel, on the way home on Sat-Sun, we took that bridge.