Sunday, April 10, 2016

using brackets to surround and infiltrate parentheses

For a person to 'percolate' sounds to me like a rather painful experience.

I had not drunk nearly enough water today until I just came from have two 8oz glasses. Now I'm only slightly dehydrated. When I am at home, on weekends, I am not in the habit of drinking water in as regular a fashion as I am during my work day on week days.

The snow is now pretty much gone from both my front and back yards. A large section of the back yard is quite muddy, however, so it is early yet to get into it to do some clean up from the winter debris that came down.

I am going to the Duran Duran concert tomorrow. Yay!

I am on call this week for work, but fortunately one of my coworkers, who is on call next week, had a day next week that he needed someone else to cover, so he's doing my Monday, and I'm doing his Thursday.

If you had a weekend, I hope you managed to eat something.


Debstar said...

I bought a soda stream some time ago and now I find it difficult to drink still water. It really is an expense I do not need to have.

Zhoen said...

Can't stand tap water, so I drink tea, D has a soda stream for fizzy water.

Debstar said...

No winter debris here but, hooray it is raining for the first time in weeks. It has been hot, like 30 degrees hot, and muggy and as much as I like the heat this was getting to be a bit much considering we are well and truly into Autumn.

Phil Plasma said...

We've had a lot of rain here this spring so far, though finally for the next few days it is clearing up and we'll get to see the sun.

We've looked into soda stream considering my affinity for Coca-Cola, but haven't bought into it (yet).

Sophie said...

we are created with almost 80% of water. And the quality of water defines the quality of our body's life.