Monday, May 30, 2016

a parakeet and a parachute go to Paraguay

It is 29C now with 43% humidity, the sun rose this morning at 5h10 and will set tonight at 20h32. Not the longest, nor hottest, day of the year, but still rather long and rather hot.

This week we can easily predict that there will be an end to the month of May in the year 2016. This likely means that the month of June is soon to come. June is the month where the school year ends for all three of my children. This means that my transit routine changes up a little bit.

As last year, we've hired a local teenager to keep any eye on the girls (C-Ling;11yo, V-8;7yo) while G-bot (14yo) will be away for six of the eight weeks this summer and for the two he is home, he can fend for himself. The teenager we've hired is different from the one we hired last year.

I will attempt to make some bannock in the next night or two in the hopes that it comes out well so that I can make it on Friday evening before heading over to Book Group. We are to have read 'Three Day Road' which has in it some aboriginal Canadian characters who eat bannock in the story.

Around 6.50$ is all it will cost to convert the LG G Pro 2 mobile device to be my own phone - it is a matter of scrapping the SIM card that is in my current mobile device (LG Eclypse) and then programming a microSIM card for the G Pro 2. If my current SIM was a micro one, there'd have been no cost. This would have me staying with my service provider with my existing plan, which is just fine with me, for now. G-Bot's phone plan expires in August, so at that time we will evaluate if we are to change plans and possibly get him a new device. Just need to see now if 300$ paying to a coworker is the right price.

I think this is about enough for this post.

I just unsubscribed to a bunch of email notifications I get from different websites that would send me notices of product sales, interesting articles or news features. My plan is to use the new device I get for all of the email addresses I have and I'd like to clean it up so that I get the fewest number of emails. This way only the 'real' ones arrive, from real people.

I would also install the 'Short Random Workout' software, and also the work ticketing software so I could track work through the device. And, of course, down the road, a Smart Watch to link to the device so I can get notifications on my watch.

The sun at this time of day (16h12 as I type this sentence) is coming through the window in such a way that it is now just starting to shine the sunlight on me. In the next half hour to hour I will be sun-covered. Though the space I am in is air conditioned, having the direct sunlight upon me makes me exceedingly hot. I don't mind, at least some of the time.

Though I wasn't supposed to eat today, I still did - I ate a Subway sandwich with two chocolate chip cookies and some Pepsi. The Subway I frequent used to serve Coca-Cola products but earlier this spring they switched to Pepsi.

I think I should end this post now.

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