Saturday, May 07, 2016

Happy Siete de Mayo

At our most recent count, as of 7h50 this morning, there are 37 adults and 28 children (including my own family who will be attending our Cinco de Mayo party that got pushed from Cinco to Siete. Fortunately, the weather is working out so mostly we'll be out on the back deck.

So far everything seems to be under control - there isn't a lot left for us to get ready to host so many people at our home.

This is one of the two major parties we hold annually; this one we invite kids, the one on December 30th we don't.

This year in particular there will be quite a few new faces, all of whom are from disparate circles. I will do my best to introduce these new people to the party to others with the hope that these newbies have some good conversations that will have them return in subsequent years.

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