Thursday, May 26, 2016

when the if and the end but the but

At 15,682 days old, clocking in at around 64kg, my lungs are about as good as can be expected. Fortunately.

People who have trouble breathing; there isn't much else that can be as bad.

I suppose, if your heart stops that's pretty bad too.

Walking to the train I pass through the Bell Centre, where tonight, Selena Gomez is performing. There were lots of young women / teenage girls queued up to get in.

I was in a one day course today to learn about holding effective meetings. I do not generally facilitate meetings, so the course wasn't super applicable to me. I did pick up a few useful things, however, so it wasn't a total waste of time.

We're getting high heat and humidity over the next three or four days, with a humidex value in the mid 30'sC (about 95F). I don't mind. I wouldn't like it much if my summer was like that from beginning of June to mid-September, but a small bout of it here and there is quite nice.

My brother had his birthday today, he turned 16,437 days old. My birthday is next month, my mom's birthday the month after, my dad's the month after, we skip September, and then my sister's birthday in October, and then that's it for 2016 birthdays in my extended family. January is my wife and V-8, April is G-bot, May is C-ling and my brother and we start over again. Oh, I have two nieces, April and November.

I need to go and start a load of laundry. Good luck with yours!

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Debstar said...

I prefer to keep breathing. The weather here is finally cooling down. Expected temp tomorrow is 12-25c which in my book is just about perfect. Our coldest month is August and the hottest is January.