Friday, June 24, 2016

an unlikely candidate

I will be somewhat MIA over the next nine days as my company is closing for the first every Summer Christmas vacation. Here in Quebec we have a holiday on June 24th, and here in Canada we have a holiday on July 1st. My company found that not enough people were taking time off throughout the year, so they decided that the working days between those two holidays would be company closed days, compelling people to take some time off.

I work in the support department and so our customers may still need our assistance next week so we split our team in half - half work next week and the opposite half work the following week. So I'm in the half that has next week off.

From Thursday to Sunday I will most definitely be AFK as I'll be camping, but up until Wednesday I should be about.

It really sucks about Brexit. I have some good friends who live in England and they're all pretty upset about this. It seems it was mostly a generational division and the friends I have are all in the 'young' side that wanted to remain a part of the EU. It doesn't make much of a difference to me personally, but because I have some friends who are implicated, I definitely formed an opinion on this one.

I fear it is a portent of things to come with respect to the American election.


Zhoen said...

The whole debacle is pretty sad.

ghost said...

as an american i'm afraid i have to agree with you. i can't believe this is where we've gone.