Monday, June 06, 2016

baking braided bannock

Well, then, said the Croatian to the Creationist. A window cleaner wanted to update my older uncle's (on my mother's side) left ankle much the way a cranky telepath would kick the shin of a delinquent newspaper delivery person.

There is a loudness to speech that some people naturally have. I should know.

The flight that carried an analogous wrist watch to the Maldives went askew and ended up in East Albuquerque.

I once rode a bus to a destination. In the end, I arrived there.

Sandwiched between two slices of bread, Hank thought his nickname 'Ham' was pretty apt. Sadly, Hank's existence was fairly short lived.

Count twice, measure seventeen times, then do not cut.


Zhoen said...

Measure once, cut twice DANG it's still too short.

Debstar said...

I have a nephew who has a very loud voice that can at times be irritating. I have another nephew is very softly spoken and tends to mumble a lot. When I'm talking to him I tend to ask him to repeat himself almost constantly. I get a headache from concentrating on trying to lip read. Frankly I find that more irritating than listening to a loud voice.

Phil Plasma said...

z: I hate it when that happens.
d: I suppose I agree with you - one of the developers I have to work with occasionally is so soft spoken I really need to concentrate. One of my closer coworkers is the loud voiced one - at least there's no misunderstanding him.