Wednesday, June 29, 2016

when the least just keeps

Yes, so the month of June will soon be over.

Rocket Science isn't something I keep in my back left pocket.

Tuberculosis, as far as I can tell, isn't anyone's best friend. This must make her particularly lonely.

Time travel to go back to mortuary school in the 1960s would not be unlike rediscovering snow. I should know.

Being tone deaf is not the same as being deaf. Being colour blind is not the same as being blind. Making a stupid mistake does not make one stupid.

A brief soliloquy was attempted to be used as a wrench to pry free the humiliated from the shameless. It worked only partially.

Freshly fried bacon.


Zhoen said...

I am deaf to your bootless cries.

Debstar said...

'Making a stupid mistake does not make one stupid'.
Very true.

Autisticus Asperganoid said...

i remember you hub page post on nonsense, great to see you're still writing the nonsense all of these years later.