Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When serendipity causes elbow grease to drop in temperature

When canvassing for a topic to cover in this post I cycled through the podcasts I've been listening to lately, the book I am currently reading, the work news there is, summer vacation plans, favourite of flavours of ice cream and types of cookie and books my son has on his summer reading list from school.

I then vascillated between the various options indicated above, including others not mentioned, and ended up stuck in an endless oscillation between needing to buy new shoes and what I had for lunch today.

Fortunately this endless oscillation had no cross-contamination as otherwise I'd be telling you about the lunch I needed to buy today that was made of new shoes.

I've started a subscription to Canadaland Commons, a podcast that comes in about once a week or a little more often and talks about things political in Canada. The one I am in the midst of now is an interview with Cheri Dinovo who has cast in for the leadership of the NDP. It is a good article/podcast and makes me think about leaning ever more towards the left.

I am in the midst of reading a book called 'But What if We're Wrong' by Chuck Klusterman. It is a bit dry but I am finding it very informative and rather entertaining.

I still haven't filed the income tax report to our provincial and federal governments for tax year 2015 yet. I should probably get to that soon. We also have a couple of problems in our house right now - the lights for the chandelier in our dining room is in a perpetual on position and the only way we've managed to turn them off is to unscrew the light bulbs just enough that they go off. The other problem is that one of my kids pushed down on a drain plug in a bathroom sink and I am not able to get it out. These are two other things I should get to soon.

I guess I stopped vascillating, in the end.

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Zhoen said...

Ah, the many unexpected and unpredictable tasks.