Thursday, July 28, 2016

Together forever a newt and a barnacle

The city has approved the roof renovation plans that my company is going to do in the building we are located. We occupy the north half of the fifth and sixth floors of the building and by next summer we'll have space on the roof of this eleven storey structure. I am hoping that the roof part will include a four season section so that even in the winter we can go up there.

It would also be great if there was a bathroom and a small kitchen area with a sink and microwave. With all of this it would make the place very multi functional. Most likely it will be wired for our company's WiFi to allow people to have meetings and work up there.

My own job won't allow me to work up there much as in my support department I need to be near the phone in case someone calls for support. Most of our customers don't do that, unless it is a real emergency; they log their help requests either by email or by the web interface of our ticketing system.

On days that I fast (Mondays and Thursdays) I often get cold, so having the space up there on warm summer days will give me a chance to thaw out.


Zhoen said...

It's very useful to have a place to warm up food and sit to eat.

Phil Plasma said...

Indeed. The cafeteria part of my company is also getting a face lift; I'll take photos when it is done.