Monday, August 22, 2016

Olympic withdrawal

Oh well, it is over now.

I've decided I am going to do my best to get myself to Tokyo in 2020. My wife has not expressed an interest in going, so I would either go alone, or, I may see about polling some friends to see if they would come too. There isn't a lot of room for cost savings as the tickets for travel and for the events are all by unit rather than by group. The only cost savings that could happen is with shared accommodations, so whomever would come with me, we'd be sharing. I've already checked AirBNB and found there are many apartments right in the area where the Olympics will take place; a key will be to book early enough that the availability is still plentiful.

Public transit works really well in Tokyo and is not expensive, but given how many people will be there for the Olympics, in addition to how many people already live there, I've scoped out walking to the events. For the stadium that holds the ceremonies and track and field, Google says it would take about 70 minutes to walk there. Adjacent to that stadium is where the Table Tennis takes place, so it is an equivalent walk. In the opposite direction, if I walk about the same distance, I reach where the swimming is as well as other aquatic events. Even walking may prove slower if there are a lot of people, but no matter, I would always leave with plenty of time. An argument against walking is that it will be hot - Tokyo in the summer it very hot and humid. With Climate Change, who knows how much hotter it will be there in four years.

Four years is plenty of time to save up some funds, but who knows what my life situation will be like at that time. I do feel it is important for me to attend the Olympics at least once in my life, and I figure this would give me the opportunity to see a different part of the world at the same time. The Olympics came right to my own city many years ago, but as I was only 1,124 days old at the time, I wasn't really into it as I am now, at 15,770 days old.

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Debstar said...

when the Olympics were held in Sydney my sister and her husband went there and had a ball. I was not that interested.