Monday, August 15, 2016

welt belt felt

First time so far, the driver of the bus I took in to work this morning was wearing her wrist watch on the wrist of her right hand. This is the first person I have seen since I started paying attention to who wears their watch on the same wrist that I wear mine.

Oh, and Andre de Grasse won the Bronze medal in 100m sprint last night behind Bolt (Gold) and Gatlin (US, Silver). It looks like both Bolt and Gatlin will be retired by the time the next Olympics take place and de Grasse is 21 years old, so he still has at least one more Olympics to compete in, if not two.

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Zhoen said...

Dylan wore his on his right wrist, probably because strumming a guitar with his left would have made a watch cumbersome. I wore mine on the right because it would catch on anything I did with my right hand, my left hand being less used for skill than for steadying.