Tuesday, September 13, 2016

on a side note (a G major)

If you can believe it, I've managed to squeeze a portable treadmill into this golf cart spaceship of mine. What I do is raise the steering control so it is out of the way, and then on the floor in front of the single row of a bench seat the treadmill belt acts as the floor while cruising along, and I can raise the roof to allow for standing (and running) on it.

Traveling at this speed on Earth would cause enormous amounts of drag when the roof section is raised, however, here in space I just need to protect the flexible wall material that allows the roof to be raised with some guar gum epoxy so that tiny micro dots of space dust don't break the seal as I zip towards Proxima Centuari B.

Today I managed to run 5KM in 23:14; not too shabby for a space cruiser like me. Later in the day I had a Kit-Kat bar; I still have plenty of those left for this trip.


Debstar said...

Kit Kat bars are the best. Well done on the jogging.

meznor said...

run, run, run

it's rainy here and getting cold and I don't like running in the cold. It's going to get even harder when winter inevitably comes. Thankfully I have hot yoga classes, which are the opposite of rainy and runny and cold.

Can you do hot yoga in a golf cart spaceship? (Would you want to?)

Phil Plasma said...

Deb, at the speed I go, I'm not jogging.

Mesh, thanks for stopping by - there is a hot yoga place in the building where my work is, a small part of me has been tempted to join but I haven't done it yet. The climate control program in the golf cart does not tolerate large fluctuations, so no, I can't convert it to do the hot yoga.

In any case, I lack flexibility.