Wednesday, October 19, 2016

brok vlok sock

Heading home, at last.

It's been a great trip to visit the Proxima Centauri system, and it was quite the adventure to see Proxima Centauri B so close, but for the most part the trip was pretty dull as there isn't a lot to see in the empty space between celestial systems. The probe came back on schedule two days ago and reported that within the 10km circle it found was mostly Granulite with a small but significant portion of Phyllite with hints of Calcium, Chromium, Iron and Nickel. It is possible that there are large deposits of some of these deeper down, or elsewhere on the planet, so likely in addition to being a candidate for terraforming due to its gravity, pressure and temperature, it may have large deposits of minerals that make it resourceful.

About five days out from 'B' on the way in I noticed something peculiar off my port-bow, so now on the starboard side I'm going to veer off a little to investigate.

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Debstar said...

Oh no, be careful, it's possible you could lose your way.