Sunday, October 09, 2016

transit pairing

While idling away on this voyage to Proxima Centauri to see how nice Proxima Centauri B can be, I thought back to a recent morning commute to work.

I take the train each day and in the morning am generally in the second passenger car from the front, standing in the vestibule part. In the vestibule there are five seats along one side of the car that face the aisle with opposing seats on the other side and a standing area that is adjacent.

Often, on the 7h27 train, I see two ladies that sit next to each other, who are always talking. While it may seem inconsequential to them, and perhaps even hardly worth noting to most people, I am rather impressed with this ability to have an ongoing non-stop conversation that seems it can go without end. I am not usually close enough to them to actually hear what they are saying, so I don't know the mechanics of how they move from topic to topic or how much time they spend on any one topic.

This unremarkable talent is one with which I am not particularly skilled.


Debstar said...

Every Tuesday I meet up with my girlfriends for coffee and to see a movie. Sometimes, when there are no movies we are interested in watching, we don't leave the cafe but instead continue chatting, have lunch and then chat some more. I Find it quite exhausting. We talk about kids, some of them are constantly giving their mothers a lot of headaches even as young adults, we talk about pets and latest purchases and white goods that are on the blink, and cars , and health and politics and what's happening in the news. If those ladies are just talking about what they watched on TV the night before they will always have something to talk about.

Phil Plasma said...

Kids, pets, recently purchased things, health, politics, latest news. I can't talk about TV shows as I don't watch TV. I have three kids and occasionally have something to say about them but generally I find this to be a topic of last resort as it isn't particularly engaging as a topic. I have a cat and there is little to say about him. I suppose I could talk about recently purchased things if I was to have recently purchased anything. I don't like bringing up health as I am in very good health and so there is little to say about it. I can talk politics, local, provincial, federal and American, but most of the people I interact with regularly aren't interested. I can also talk religion, but this seems to have become a taboo topic. So I resort to latest news and hope that I pick a topic that is of interest.

Anyhow, it is nice that you have that group that you connect with on a regular basis. I've read a few different articles that say that having social connections throughout our lives is one key item to prolong our physiological and cognitive health.