Monday, November 14, 2016

As for fasting, it sure is slow

Last week I started up again the intermittent fasting that I read about back in April of '15. Today too, then, is a Fast day so I have not eaten anything yet since about 19h yesterday and the current time is 13h26 (as I end this sentence). The plan is to eat a light meal at around 18h tonight so it will almost have been 24 hours of not eating.

Yesterday I raked an additional 10 more bags of leaves, another nice round number, so my leaf bag count is up to 50 now.

Yesterday's bag count: 10 bags.
This season's bag count: 50 bags.

We're getting close to the end of the season, I may only have another 8-10 more.

The Spartan Races for next year have mostly been announced, there are only two more that took place last year that are as yet to be announced for this year. I am hoping to do four or five of them and to see if there are others, here at my work place, who would join me. It is likely that for one of them we would rent an AirBNB home close to the event as it is sufficiently far away that driving there and back again on race day would potentially be too much. It is possible that a second one of them we would do the same. I plan on organizing a meeting to discuss this sometime in the next three weeks to see what others think of the plan.

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