Wednesday, November 09, 2016

wake up the living, paint them plaid

When the window on my right side is darkened by clouds that have rain in them that hasn't yet begun to fall, there is no impact on the length of my shoelaces that would cause them to rebel much like a centered unicorn on her fifth cigarette, marching to her own beat. An enigmatic enigma wallowed scintillatingly towards the south-eastern corner of the circle. If I was to ride an Asiatic Cheetah inside the first, second and third sevenths of a hyperloop between Chicago and Milwaukee; I hope that I wouldn't clip my head as the Cheetah tries to buck me off. An aircraft, a caliper and a generic product sample were thrust into my sister's neighbour's cousin's parent's mayor's assistant's blender. Twice.

Not all of things that are spoken of by people are things that are worth hearing. Some of the things not spoken of are the things that are of most interest. Interest is something some people get with their investments; sometimes it pays to invest in listening.

There is a name for the kind of people that like to dance at midnight on a full moon wearing only clothes that are of a silver colour. There is also a name for a grouping of kite flying enthusiasts who are also prosthetic designers. I highly doubt there is a name for uneven flavours of ice cream that are used to lubricate calendar entries of past weeks. I should know.

When people talk about the weather.

A syncopating zebra once tried to do a Vulcan mind-meld with an imp. An inebriated tyrannosaurus once appeared on her 'Home and Garden' TV cooking show, attempting to teach the viewers how to use a lampshade, hairbrush and wine bottle opener to create crab flavoured macaroons. A miniature newt was swallowed unknowingly by a leaking toaster-oven being carried on the back of a Ringo Starr drum stick that smelled eerily of a wax museum rendition of a rainbow coloured vamp.

Statistically, this post has a number of words, sentences, paragraphs and ice cream cones. A neurological facial tick did not phase the author of this post even a little bit. In fact, it may have been because of the neurological facial tick that this post is of the duration it is.

Traveling four meters and testing if the weather is at all different is much like using a unicycle to brush your teeth. Traveling on a unicycle while brushing your teeth for four meters has no impact on the weather. Using the weather to brush your teeth is much like checking to see if the unicycle is at all different. Mary's unicycle is pink with a yellow bow.

That I should introduce a character into this post at this point should come as no surprise to the author. He has done this before.

Mary had asked to accompany me on the ride in the hyperloop, but the Cheetah did not like having more than one passenger.

Some say change is what is the most difficult thing a person can do, especially if they are to change something that is natural for them. Others say change is something that you carry in your pocket to have handy when change is required. I say that change has nothing to do with English cucumbers that are two days past their prime being used as a video game credit to advance three levels.

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