Thursday, November 17, 2016

When deleteriousness creates wealth for the driven

There are Spartan Races of various distances at ski resort mountains outside of Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Ottawa during the summer of 2017. I would like to attend at the very least the bare minimum of earning the Trifecta, which would be three races, each of different distances (Sprint, Super, Beast). However, I would enjoy doing one or two additional races. First I need to get wife approval to participate, and the next step would be to speak with the teammates I had last year who did this, and open it up to anyone else, to see if anyone else wants to join me in this.

I already know of a few who do, but I don't know about everyone.

A season's pass can be had that costs around 320$, which is significantly more than it was last year, however, last year they split the passed out into Canada East and Canada West and this year it is for all of Canada, so conceivably one could participate in all of the races across Canada. Each individual race is about 100$, so by going to three races the season's pass is covered, and by going to four or five, the cost per race is even less.

I will provide another update once I have made progress in this.

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