Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Without with and couch the soap

It is the very last day of the very first month of the very first year that follows the year that precedes this one.

There are no Christmas Carols that would use a straw to melt a cream puff made of internal digital watch components. I should know.

Two limericks walked into a bar and told a joke to a pigeon.

I haven't given any thought to the AXY3 idea that I had quite a while ago. And yet, I did think about it yesterday when I was debating about purchasing a web domain. Instead of purchasing a new domain I decided to use a different one that I had access to.

My wife and two daughters and I (my son was busy elsewhere) went with almost 200 other people into a Mosque last night to participate in a meeting of solidarity for the six Muslims that were killed in Quebec City the previous night. This was the first time I had ever been in a Mosque. The spirit of solidarity and cooperation was very strong in the room with people from many different faiths taking part. This same event was being held in many places across Canada at the same time.

Baking bread using one's armpits isn't the least likely of things to happen on a Tuesday at 11AM. Still, it is pretty unlikely.

On Netflix last night watched the movie 'Horns' as recommended by some people at a party I was at over the weekend. It was quite entertaining and had me rather captivated.

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Debstar said...

We have Netflix. I'll have a lookout for that movie. I have never been to a mosque though for awhile I had some good friends who were devoted muslims and I did learn a lot about their religion at the time. After they moved out of my area I lost touch.