Friday, February 03, 2017

derelict coatings of an iguana on a helm tree

There are two flavours of ice cream dice that make a sailor count to twenty-seven even though it isn't a prime number.

This would be incorrect if it wasn't for the number of aircraft that got flushed down the toilet when a mayor of a small town woke up thinking it was Tuesday when it was actually Wednesday. All of the remaining icons that had been attached to the north facing wall spun counter-clockwise by about one degree; not particularly noticeable to the occupants of the room who were all fervently debating if they had had six or eight shots of tequila.

February is one of those months that, when pronounced backwards, doesn't remind anyone of the last time they consumed a cup of tea.

I, for one, am not a tea drinker. I don't drink any other letters of the alphabet, either. What I do drink on a daily basis is water. Usually it is wet when I am drinking it.

I decided today to wear my digital wrist watch. Even though I know how to tell the time using an analog watch, I do find it quicker to tell the time from a digital one. I'm not usually in a rush to tell the time, though, so it isn't a big deal that the analog watch takes more time.

If you attempted to pronounce the month February backwards, consider yourself sufficiently admonished.

This being Friday, I'd offer to you to have a terrific weekend, but since that is a very typical thing to say, I'll have to offer something a little different: I hope your weekend passes without any part of you becoming cryogenically frozen.

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