Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yep, I participated in my parish's talent show this evening. I said the alphabet. A few different times in a few different ways. I got positive feedback, so that was good.

Some of the singers in the parish were really good and were fortunate to have such a warm audience to perform to.

Tomorrow is Sunday. It seems there are one of those days each week. Well, each week so far.

I wonder what kind of calendar would be used on TRAPPIST-1D where a year lasts 4.05 days. What is pretty nifty about this planet is that it is likely tidally-locked, which means that only at the terminator line it may be livable. Too far towards the sun side and it would be desolate and hot while too far on the dark side it would be desolate and cold. Imagine living within a 10km wide strip that spans the diameter of the planet that defines the day side from the night side. All the places for sleeping and night clubs would be on the dark side, while all of the sport arenas, schools and workplaces would be on the light side. With about 69% of Earth's gravity, it may not be too far from our native gravity to sustain human beings. Who knows?

Of course, it would take 39 years (14,245 days), travelling at the speed of light, to get there. Assuming we could get a space faring vehicle to travel at .25c it would take 156 years (56,979 days) to get there.

I'm keen on the idea of exo-planets, though for me it will only ever be an idea. Perhaps my children's children will get to visit one.

It is 23h11 at the moment I type these words, I ought to go to sleep soon. My eyelids are getting heavy.

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