Thursday, March 02, 2017

drop the kilocalories

So yes, I'm off to Cancun next Wednesday.

If you can believe it, I've lowered my caloric intake of sustenance in order to slim. Some would argue, why bother? Others would argue, what difference will it make? A third may ask, to what end? A fourth might say simply: motivation? A fifth may even counter - isn't that what women do? A sixth could even ask, why blog about it? A seventh could say, who cares? An eighth would likely say I don't need to slim further. A ninth would wish me luck while a tenth person would ask for the details of how I am going about it.

1. I don't have a compelling reason to do this, nor a compelling reason not to.
2. A difference it will make is that I will have lower body fat percentage.
3. To what end? To lower body fat, I guess.
4. Motivation? To start the vacation at a lower point so that by the end I would end up where I am now.
5. Yes; to get their 'beach body', I suppose I could have one too.
6. I blog about it because I know that there isn't more than one or two people that actually read this, so there isn't a big difference between posting this and not posting it.
7. I'd agree with that person.
8. It is true I already have a fairly low BMI score (~22), and from other people's perspectives I appear just fine, but whose body is this that I am living with? Ought I not to take better care?
9. Thanks.
10. I'm having a light breakfast of Dad's cookies and a banana. I'm having a light lunch of lettuce and cherry tomatoes and a can of Coca-Cola, and at supper I'm eating normally but making an effort to have a somewhat reduced portion (unless it is vegetables) and to not over eat.

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