Friday, April 07, 2017

baffled by a peacock playing chess underwater

There have been exactly zero tornadoes that have flown out of my left armpit.

The space between the smallest of the fingers on my left hand and the eastern border of Turkey can be likened to a flavour of toothpaste that is seven days past its expiry.

Odd numbers are odd.

Two thousand weeks ago I was 1998 days old, and in 1998, on my birthday, I was 9131 days old. 9131 is not a prime number, it has as factors 23 and 397.

If something miraculous was to happen on all of the days that happen between Friday and Saturday, I sure wouldn't want to be a penguin.

Traveling to Neptune and back again on the inside of an ice cream cone is not the least likely thing a Hyacinth macaw would do. Well, perhaps it is.

Tomorrow promises to have a date that is numerically superior to today. At least, that is the expectation based on most of the days in the past.

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meznor said...

I enjoy your reference to prime numbers, even though it turned out that 9131 is not a prime number.

I wish some miraculous thing would happen between Friday (today) and Saturday (tomorrow) but I will not hold my breath because then I would not be able to breathe and that's required to live and I still wish to live.

If you were to convert today's numerical date into roman numerals it might be less obvious to people who do not understand roman numerals whether or not today's numerical day is superior to the numerical day tomorrow.

rome is a fabulous place but not everyone agrees (some people call it "a dump," which I heard just tonight).