Tuesday, April 18, 2017

when going deeper into muck you find

Tomorrow I am eligible to give blood again as 56 days will have passed since my last donation.

I will not be giving blood tomorrow as I have to leave work early to then retrieve C-Ling so that the two of us can then go to our bi-annual dental cleaning and checkup. The appointment is at 14h50 so I'll have to leave work early, retrieve her from school and head straight to the dentist.

The Canadiens are playing again tonight against the Rangers in game four of the first round. The Canadiens, favoured in this series, is ahead, two games to one. I have not been able to watch any of the games so far, and tonight's game will be no exception.

The federal minister of finance, the premier of Ontario and the mayor of Toronto met today to discuss what can be done about the exorbitant rate increases concerning the price of real estate. The media last week indicated property values went up 33% in the hottest Toronto markets as compared to last year. I do not know what can really be done about this that would also not have unforeseen side effects that would haunt a subsequent generation. Fortunately, I do not live there.

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