Wednesday, June 07, 2017

there are no termites in my underwear

A refidgerator walked along the side walk and kept bumping into people - the poor thing has terrible eye sight.

They are, once again, turning the street that my work building faces into a Formula 1 party zone. The restaurants are expanding their floor space far into the street; fancy lights are going up for late night events and on Friday, some fancy cars will be lined up to be photographed; something I've done the last few years.

I will do it again this year; I'll be curious to see if there are any new cars.

Three Thursdays from now will be the penultimate day of school for my two youngest children. We still haven't worked out yet what child care they will be subject to for the weeks during the summer that both my wife and I are working and they are not at a sleep away camp (two weeks of the summer). The past few years we've hired a local teenage girl to take them to the municipal pool for swim lessons and to occupy them for the rest of the day. I would drive them to this teenager's house in the morning, and then would pick them up at that same house at the end of the work day.

One thing I didn't like about this arrangement was that I still had to make their lunches; something I have to do throughout the school year. Mind you, this fall C-Ling is starting high school and as of high school I relinquish my lunch making to the child. So, come the fall I only need to make V-8 and myself, our lunches. I also need to make sure that C-ling and G-bot have enough food in the house to make their own lunches.

A dolphin wanted to play chess with my left calf; I refused citing the need to perambulate.

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